Monday, August 10, 2009


Yup..! its back again.. As recent years, the EPL season opens up with the Charity Shield.. MU played Chealsea last nite with the absence of CR7 and Van de Sar who broke his finger during a pre-season match. Unlike Beckham, CR7's absence was definitely felt.. MU played without any pace, the movement was slow and we absorbed most of the attacks. I hope that the let down is only temporary..

There was obvious improvement on how several players performed last nite. Fletcher for one, was playing above his normal pace. Great crosses, through balls and his assistance sure did mess Chelsea's defence abit. However, with the lack of speed from this guy (below), chances blew off just like that! He was not playing like his usual speed and confidence like he did with Spurs (i think).

But Nani was showing off his skill with CR7's absence.. As usual, mamat ni kuat gentel! Pls do that at home, not here on the field. His goal in the early minutes of the game made it happen for MU. His powerful shot swirved down from Cech's reach to make it 1-0. Then after the interval, Chelsea equalized and finally scored their 2nd.. Both goals were silly.. I mean on MU's defensive side that is. But thank god, Rooney at long last played a wonderful through ball from Giggs to equalize in the stopage time and we went to spot kicks..

Evra had a rough nite, playing Ballack around, got his 1st yellow of the season and missed the spot kick with a mere pat on the ball. That was too dumb for a player at his level.. But by all means, its just the Charity Shield. Next week is a starting of a brand new season..

I hope that Fergie's effort to bring in Villa or Ribery works out. Just so to bring in an extra sparks into the team.. He has to work Berbatov to the max to bring out the best of him.. Just a word of advice the Berba, stop heeling the ball ur dumb a**!!


I got a comment from a friend reader that this blog is not at its best anymore... Wah! So touched! I never knew that certain people enjoyed reading this blog.. TQ anyway.. But during that moment i was in a turmoil and was regaining my composure.. Now, i am back (most of me) and waiting for the moment to come.. What moment? I guess most of u out there already knew what it is.. For those still ???? about this, it will be widely spread within weeks to come.. I assure u!

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Lady said...

tak bleyh blah tengok si evra amek penalti kick..hadow... aku sokong! aku sokong! si nani sangat laa showing off.. sebaik masuk sebijik. n ofkos, thanks to rooney the savior..