Friday, July 17, 2009

Load Off My Chest

Got it all out of my system yesterday, felt really gud...!
But its gonna take me some time to get used to the whole new thing...
Thank you for the really welcoming respond..

For those who wanna try the kit above, u can call me to order..

3 quickies:

encikReza said...

semakin serabut plak...

Anonymous said...


Mankind are fond of making it;
Life however tend to change it;
Rarely do plans turn out the way we want it;
Eventually we all plan for the sake of it.

Oh how I wish it was easy,
Yon roads are winding and greasy,
It doesn't matter big or measly,
Thinking of the future makes me queasy.

Life is an uncertainty,
It's either spartan or full of nitty gritty,
Face it down or just be feisty,
Certainly for most, life never is pretty!

Good luck bronk. I may yet follow you next!

Isz, Elliz n Faleeq said...

Reza - dah tak berapa serabut sgt dah

Eeqbalz - ur welcome to join.. its a big step that one have to take.. if its worth the action, so why not!?