Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Copy award dan letak kat blog anda.

5 fakta menarik tentang Cik Yantie ialah
1. Batch mate for PTD 2/2006 and DPA 2/2007 (kot!?)
2. She's petite, single and really likes to melaram
3. Likes the outdoor and rough activities
4. Takes nice photographes (seriusly!)
5. Has interested in anything and everything to do with personal grooming

Tulis 10 fakta/hobi sebelum memilih penerima award seterusnya.
1. I like to cook and travel
2. Worked as a chef before joining the management team
3. Hates ants (creepy crawlers!)
4. Hate it when people judge me (will prove them wrong!)
5. Hard to look for a pair of shoes and jeans (limited choice for my size)
6. Very competitive.. Takes competitions seriously even if its a friendly
7. Dun like to drive fast but likes fast cars
8. Likes tempeh very much!
9. Favourite meal is nasi panas, ikan bilis goreng bawang with telur mata
10. Wish that everywhere i go people would recognise and know me (gile glamour!)

* Pilih 10 penerima award seterusnya and describe tentang mereka

Award Goes To:
1. Adni - elegant yet ranggi inside (and a good singer too)
2. Bulat - seorang yang tabah dan sabar dengan dugaanNya
3. Fadli - my loyal assistant at the office
4. Aziz - godfather to Faleeq and a very dear friend of the family
5. Reza aka MisaiKecik - a trust able and really efficient asset to the management
6. Cik Muzee - sentiasa senyum manis, penyabar and really helpful
7. Fendiosman - eccentric!(in a gud way...)
8. Lady - loyal friend
9. Ikha - sempoi!
10. Eeqbal - hang in there bro...! U have the will

There u go.. Congratulations to all the winner.. I just wish that i could award this to those who has already got it.. Didi, Umph, Yantie, Khai.. I guys deserve it too..!

4 quickies:

Lady said...

Bro, no.6 ko: tingat aku zaman-zaman kita main botol2 tu..

"bagi..bagi..bagi..ambik bagi C C"


swit@kon said...

:P melaram ek? hahaha

encikReza said...

x perasaan plak sy!

ampon maaf dipinta
mensuci hening dosa..

zyrin said...

"sentiasa senyum manis, penyabar and really helpful"


are you sure you've not mistaken me for someone else?

thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!