Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Into The Final

They did it yet again...!

MU has now a step closer in retaining the ECL crown after they've beaten Arsengal in the 2nd league of the ECL semi.. 2 screamers by CR7 and a goal by Park made the aggregate 4-1 to MU. They will now face either Chelsea or Barca who will play their 2nd league semi after a scoreless draw in the 1st league.. 

Barca, after trashing Real 6-2 in La Liga match will surely have their strategies drawn up for them. But Chelsea has the home ground advantage and will surely do everything they can to stop the Spanish giant from winning or even scoring. But a scoreless draw is any body's game.. 

Fletcher was red carded during last nite's match as he brought down Arsengal's player inside the box which earned them the only goal of the match. Rio was back in the squad after crashing with a rib injury during the last match.. It was great game definitely!! 

We had Evra, Vidic, Rio and O'shea in defence while CR7, Park, Giggs and Carrick played the center support.. SAF brought in Tevez to pair with Rooney and it definitely paid off.. Berbatov was then brought in but MU has already have that advantage.. I still have doubt over Berbatov, a player who refuses to play during his day with Spurs just bcoz he wanna play with MU.. 

Speculations have it that MU is interested in Ribery and even Kaka.. But they have to let CR7 if they wanna grab those players. Personally, i think they have to think of a way to keep Tevez in Old Trafford.. He's as good as any midfield and he's a forward player for god sake.. Along with Rooney, they are all over the place.. So SAF, listen to ur fans and get the funds to keep Tevez.. I'm begging u..!

2 quickies:

Lady said...

i watched the first two goals. it was man-tastic! hehe.
i love the way cr7 scored the second goal.

Isz, Elliz n Faleeq said...

Great goal in a great game...! Damn i love MU!! haha