Monday, May 25, 2009

A Day With Family In IKEA

Hey guys...! I'm really in a Monday Blues mood today.. 

Anyway, yesterday we spent the day in IKEA with my cousins and granny.. saja je bawak granny jejalan.. 

Faleeq and Ibu posing at the camera.. 

He got tired siting in his stroller, i got tired holding him.. So we put him at a bed there..sooooo comfy..!

With my cousins (his aunties) Baby and Qarimah 

He went hysterical when we sat him on that thing...! 

Actually my cousin baby just came back from Spore after working there for about a year.. And we haven't hang out since she got back a couple of months ago.. So, they rang us when we were at granny's place and decided to go to IKEA.. Too bad its not pay day.. Or it'll turn out to be a shopping trip.. Faleeq badly needs trousers and new attires, he's growing fast and looks like he's not gonna fit into his clothes in the near future.. 

5 quickies:

swit@kon said...

ikea? makan hotdog tak? ermm best best. teringat ada mamat tu cakap kat girlfren dia, tanak la g ikea, ikea tu tempat orang miskin. hahaha ayat tu menyebabkan aku rasa nak gelak guling2

Isz, Elliz n Faleeq said...

Kepala toya dia!! Meh aku sekeh pala dia baru dia tau..

gi sana setakat wash eye bleh la.. nak furnish rumah dgn barang dia, tak mampu ler..

Hotdog, karipap is a must kalau pegi IKEA..

zyrin said...


-drool, drool-

Isz, Elliz n Faleeq said...

yezza!! totally forgot bout the meatballs!!


encikReza said...

dh lama x makan meatballs
cMuzie.... yumyumyum