Thursday, May 28, 2009

Beaten By A Better Team

They played their best, lost control of the ball, fielded a few doubtful players and finally they lost the game...

Congratulations to Barca for a great game of football.. A wonderful 1st goal by Eto'o and a silly goal by MU's defence to allow the 2nd..

Anderson? No Tevez, Scholes or Berbatov? WTH was SAF thinking? Its the Champions League final for god sake!! Bringing them in in the 2nd half was a dreadful mistake.. I guess i know what he was thinking.. Allowing Barca's player to worn off and put in the better faster lineup in the 2nd half, but that didn't happen..

Barca was indeed the better team.. They won the game fair and square.. No mistakes by the officials, only silly ones by MU's players.. Argh...! Keciwaaaaaaa!!

Better luck next year...!

p/s: SAF - sell Berbatov and keep Tevez!

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