Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Huh? Its only Wednesday??

Huh? Its only Wednesday.. Doesn't time suppose to fly faster when ur bz? huhuhu 

It has been a very long week so far and its only Wednesday! Monday went for Parliment then had meetings all day yesterday.. Ahh... Life of a public servant.. Who said we dun do work and dunno anything..? I had i have response like "ooo rilex jela.." or "bleh minum² la eh" when people know that i am in the public sector 

Last weekend we went back to JB visit dad.. He's getting better but is still weak. Oh ya, btw he's being admitted to the hospital again as i write here.. the doctor wants to examine his kidney condition to find out how bad is it.. 

So we took off from KL on Friday after isya' and reached there at around 130 am. Traffic was a killer around Seremban exit. We actually anticipated this coz we know how KL people like to go to PD or somewhere in NS to chill. But the jem was not caused by the number of cars exiting the hiway but coz of a car stranded with engine failure ON THE ROAD SIDE...! How dumb can u be?? huh!!

Wearing Faleeq of before the trip so
he wun climb outa his baby seat in the car

We were there for that brief period and we'll be sure to go back again once we had the chance.. Saturday we went out for groceries and stuff and before heading back to KL on Saturday we had a small bday celebration for Athirah. She's now 6 YO.. Very talkative, very sensitive and quite choosy when it comes to food (like the father).. 

OTW back here, it was raining very heavily and i can hardly see where i am going. We had to make several stops until the rain passes us by.. We reached home at around 8pm plus.. Faleeq slept all the way thru the journey. I guess playing with his cousins during the bday thingy was tiring for him.. 

Faleeq with my lovely sis Nina

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