Monday, April 13, 2009

Been Long

Been a while since my last update.. Been to Langkawi and back, have a new PM and nice cabinet lineup, Thailand is in a state of national emergency, Putrajaya Hospital got into flames and our SPAT system is about to be launched tomorrow. 

How was ur weekend anyway? 

Came back from Langkawi on the day itself (Wednesday) and had a long week immediately. Been running around for the upcoming SPAT launching. Among the reason that i went to Langkawi and came back the same day. We had several touch ups on the VT of our system and frankly i think that this is the best one so far. I didn't expect to spend so much while i was there but the urge to spend was getting to me!! haha luckily i still have the strength and will power to restrain myself before it was too late.. 

My tour guide, Norul and hubby. Thanks guys!

One of the place that tempted my spending devil!

Got news from JB that daddy is doing well. His gout is getting better, his swollen foot is shrinking by the day. His heart is getting stronger with medication and he is due for a full heart checkup next week, now his heart is strong enuf.. Thank the Almighty Allah...! 

We had a nice time a home last weekend.. Stayed home on Saturday and unexpectedly spent time with mummy daddy club yesterday at 1U. Till 10pm!! Mcm tak keje lak ari ni kan? We definitely had a great time.. Been a while since our last weekend meet.. Danish is big and really cute. Alia is gaining weight while Aqeef is starting to stare at people.. p/s: he's only 2.5 months old. Pictures will be upload once i got it from Tasya.. 

A huge congratulations to our new PM DS Najib Tun Razak. Personally i think he has the calibre and the personality of a great leader. I mean the way he talks, the way he works (from an inside source in MOF, he's really really transparent!) and the way he greets people.. I like! Also i big congratulations to DPM Muhyiddin Yassin on his appointment. Indeed, i am very proud that a fellow Johorean is again on the top post in Malaysia. We have a new Deputy Minister for MOH, welcome YB Datuk Rosnah. We will assist u in any way that would make ur appointment here an easy one.. Several ministries have been shuffled like MeCD that has been dismembered and distributed based on their role. KEKKWA is merged with KEMPEN while KTAK is now doing green energy. I haven't had the chance to talk to dad about the new cabinet lineup. Knowing dad, he will always have a point of view on stuff.. 

So, how was ur days so far? 

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