Thursday, March 5, 2009

SPAT - Up and Running

Sistem Pengurusan Pengambilan Atas Talian or SPAT is one of the major project that is have been into lately.. The department has been at this since 2007 and at last the system is up and running.. We're expect to launch the system in April by the minister himself.. I have been a part of the process since a couple of months ago and i have to say that it is a gud thing.. At the current economic situation, retrenchment and labor market instability, this system come at a gud time.. 

A bit about the system - it is almost similar to the system that SPA uses. A system that enables the public to apply for a job online.. It is paperless, time and cost saving, and it reduces the time consumption to half.. By end of the month, the whole Malaysia will be able to enjoy the privilage of this system.. Tagged with a line - Masa Hadapan Di Hujung Jari (TQ En Roslee), the public can now apply for support group close service MoH job with a click of a button.. If readers, frens and family have people with minimum PMR holders, they can make their way to the system here SPAT

At the beginning of the year, we have been pushing for the vendor to finalize everything. From the design of the web layout, to the brochure.. Training was given to us as user for a whole week to ensure that we get familiar to the system.. And techno training was given to IT Dept so that they can play around and be available for any alterations or upgrades that we need on the system.. So, please make ur way and tell others about this opportunity..
This is the brochure that all of us put our head together and 
came out with this design.. Nice right?

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