Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Jay Bee City

We went back to JB the other weekend, since Monday was a brought forward holiday.. The journey began on Friday after Isya' prayers and we arrived back here last nite at around 9pm.. Traffic was a killer (again!) and we were stuck in a bumper to bumper from Senawang to Nilai.. And to make things worse, i had the urge to go (nature calls!).. Argh! I hate it when that happened.. 

The nieces were a handful as usual.. But they helped out by singing and playing with Faleeq.. They sang, danced and even cuddled.. Sooooooo cute! wish that we could stayed longer.. Oh ya.. Atiqah, sang row row ur boat with her new tongue.. Sound kinda like this: 

Low low low ur boat gently down the stream
Merry merry merry merry life blah blah (can't figure out what) dream...!

We went out browsing for Hari Raya color.. Yupp! Hari Raya...! The ladies already bought theirs later its our turn.. This year its gonna be purple for the whole AGA's family and royal yellow for our little family.. Nice or not? 

We were going out when i took Athirah's sunglass and put it on Faleeq.. He look so cute that i decided to get one for him.. haha

Tadah! Faleeq with his new glasses... Haha anyway, otw back to KL he's been crying alot.. Actually, he's been on it since we were at my parents'.. He's been slobbing, rubbing and biting alot.. Showing signs of teething? So we bought him a teething gel to ease the pain.. And it kinda worked.. Kinda? He likes to suck his thumb(s) so i guess the gel worn out by that involuntary action.. 

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Lady said...

Chumelnye si faleeq ni..siap dengan sun glasses kaler blue~ heheh