Thursday, March 5, 2009

GS Family Day 2009 - Photos

It was a day in the sun for Faleeq.. He seems to be enjoying his time considering the fact
 he doesn't sun bathe that much

Our 1st office gathering.. Faleeq is a huge crowd magnet..
So did the other kids that were there

Me receiving awards for 1st runner up bowling and giving out lucky draw
and secret santa awards

The unofficial cameraman of the day - doing what he does
almost the best

GS Family - one big (err.. huge) family

The exco at work.. Without these people, there wun be any family day at all.. 
Good job everyone! And thanks a million 

The kids that were there during the 2 days event.. Soon, next year's family day
they're even bigger and we'll have more participants for the kids' games

The telematch in the sun.. Groups lining up to play coconut bowl.. 
Which my team won.. Go go go!!

2 quickies:

Lady said...

bestnye family day ni...n faleeq looks soooo suwit but macho~

Isz, Elliz n Faleeq said...

mmg best! thats why i was so beat up during raptai hari Isnin.. totally menghampakan kesudahan Isnin itu..