Friday, February 20, 2009

To Be Or Not To Be... Malaysian

U call urself a public figure? An artist? An actor?
An idol or role model for ur youngs?
U dun have the right to do that...! 
Ur not qualified to do that...
Loosing respect towards u... 

U dun deserve to be in this country
Playing the racist card in public is far too low even for u...!
I hate u...! Ur not making things better, ur making it worse...! 
Dumb **s!! Dun blame others if ur stuck in a corner...
Ur off my blog link.. For good! 

Quit making money here.. 
Find somewhere else to build ur career..
I'm not gonna watch ur shows or listen to u on the radio anymore
Listen here fler...! Ur nothing if its not for this country.. 
Love it or leave it.. We're here to stay, all of us.. 
Whether its brown, yellow, black or white.. 


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Anonymous said...

If only people in Malaysia would exhibit happiness to what others have or supposedly have on paper (altho they are still far away from achieving it) and being happy with what we have, we all be smiling genuinely in front of each others.

As we are made aware every single day, life is too damn short for squabbles and petty arguments. It's a pity we only realize it when it's already too late.