Monday, February 23, 2009

Super Cop

Noor Adibah binti Abdul Hamid, a cousin of mine was awarded Anugerah Polis Cemerlang 2009, an award given to Police who dedicated their work and perform some outstanding work.. The event was carried out in IOI Mall Puchong in conjunction with the launching of Police Community Portal. 8 police were awarded this for their job welldone.. Dibah got her after she arrested a snatch thief in SS14 Subang.. Tok Yang was very proud of her.. All the best in ur career may u find the best in u and the things u do.. 

I guess this is one way to show that ur doing a great job despite all the negative thoughts thrown at u.. All i wanna say and hope is that u'd continue doing the things u do well and u'd take care of urself and Tok Yang well.. Make us all proud!!

The later that nite, we went for a red party in Cheras. It was Elliz's mom's fren's kid bday party (berapa banyak ' daaa).. Great food, nice party and we ate like an ox!! hahaha 

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Lady said...

Wa...tingat zaman2 pegi modul polis dulu.. hebat eh cuz ko~ kagum..kagum~