Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Lets Watch This

One thing for sure every time i get back to JB, i'd give Mike a visit. He's my dvd dealer in JB.. Such quality and definitely quantity, considering the amount of dvds i bring back here.. So, being a jalan² freak, i never had the time to catch all the dvds i bought back home.. So, during the 3day homestay i decided this is the best time to catch up with all the movies i've missed. Yeah! If u see from the list, i'm kinda left behind.. We wanted to catch a movie now and then but Faleeq has been a handful.. But in a great kinda way, ok

Teeth - i haven't finish this one yet.. Turn it on during the in laws visit and there's kids around so had to stop the show and switch to another one.. The whole plot is about this girl who kinda got mutated coz she grew up near a nuclear plant.. And the affect is, she became a hantu gigi...! Yeah! That's what became of her..! But where the teeth is? Clue: She's is still a virgin.. and she's inpenetratable.. haha guess... Wanna continue this story later... Have to!

SAW V - i've been a great fan of SAW.. Actually am a great fan of gore, horror flicks and movies with lotsa blood..! So, SAW is a great movie to catch if u are like me... But SAW V is the dumbest of all.. Compare to all the previous ones, this sequel is awful! Its suppose to be an ending for the SAW collection but it is definitely an awful one..!But i betcha, if u get the chance catch the other collections.. U sure wun regret it!! The killer is a mindless freak who goes on killing people who he thinks is guilty but got of the jury system.. So, he decided to take law into his own hands.. But the way he kills his victim really amazed me.. I LIKE!! He puts them in puzzle where they have to hurt themselves or others in other to get free.. Or they'll die an awful but cool (to me) death.. 

QUANTUM OF SOLACE - Yup! Just had the chance to catch the movie.. Haven't had the chance at all.. When people are yapping about the movie, i just sat back and listen.. But watching the dvd isn't that bad at all.. As usual, Daniel Craig plays a bitter and aggressive Bond.. Compare to other Bonds (especially Dalton - a bonda, not bond), he's kinda gud. He got his own style and charisma..Yup! Charisma... The storyline is not that bad, people said its not that gud coz he got vengeance on his mind. But i guess, the way they end the movie makes all the sayings just go away. He's just different from all the other Bonds, he's vigilante, rough, aggressive and ungrateful.. Can't wait for the prequel... 

HELLBOY II - haha this is a nice one.. Prince Nuada and Princess Nuala.. A war against human and nature.. Golden army? They're mother nature (sorta)'s army created thousands of years ago to vanish human from the face of the earth.. As usual, massive makeup and effect.. Great visual and cool response from Hellboy.. Very defensive, self centered and immature..! But that whats make the show even better.. Prince Nuada wanted to get rid of human beings coz he thinks that they're ungreatful and destroying the earth (which is real life true).. So, he goes in hunt for the crown that controls the Golden Army.. And eventually he bumps into Hellboy.. Great fight scenes!!

HANCOCK - What can i say... Its a great movie, cool actor (as always) but crappy storyline.. Not awful but shaky... hancock is kinda an alien in a human form that has superpower.. He has this alien lady fren who he has to be apart coz if their together then he'll loose his power.. But the power will slowly come back once he got away from his lady fren.. I like the way Smith brought the character to life in this story.. Cool and calm as always, very persuasive acting from the great actor.. 

DARK KNIGHT - how could Yahoo! said that Batman's voice is too soggy? Its cool what to have that kinda voice? It brings that scary feeling that villains shud have when they're face to face with Batman.. Cool gadget as always, but with a new twist coz Batman is kinda risky and in calculative, compare to previous ones.. But to top all the gizmo and Batman's voice is Ledger's role as Joker.. He is damn convincing! I guess its true that his character took the best of him.. The tense between the two character is really obvious in this movie.. Ledger really took his best acting to the grave in this one.. Kinda creapy actualy seeing him play this one.. But really gud.. 

Gonna finish the rest of the collection during this weekend, but gonna do it at nite so no one will bother me.. haha i need my mind watching this.. 

3 quickies:

Lady said...

Agreed! Hancock sangat lah lame je storyline dia..aish~ been expecting to see more, tapi takde..

Watched Saw before. ngeri gile ah..tak sanggup nengok~

Isz, Elliz n Faleeq said...

wan, SAW V is a no-no...! a big one!! tak best langsung, yg lain best amat.. lotsa blood, I LIKE!!

Lady said...

Haha..patut pon ko nyumpah2 tengok cite Keliwon or Niyang Rapik~ hehehe