Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Huh? Its Tuesday...?

After 3 days break last weekend, today is Tuesday and we're all back to work... What can i say about my weekend... filled with family and friends..


Pak Ngah (Elliz's uncle) had potong jambul for his 1st granddaughter in Selayang. Everyone was there, its kinda a reunion for them coz Pak Ngah is now in Indonesia as student liaison for MARA. Photos can be seen here.. We then immediately headed to Wan and Tasya's place in Melawati for another potong jambul for Danish. We got there late coz we stayed abit longer at Pak Ngah's. Again, Wan's event was a reunion for them too. This time its for Elliz and her friends coz their primary school mate was there for the ceremony. We ended the day (nite actually) by visiting Jaja who's in confinement..


We missed Faleeq's appointment to the paediatrician last nite coz of all the visiting and reminiscing.. So that morning, we went immediately to the doctor to get him his nebulizer. The paed ask us to take it to clear his air passage. He's been having an uncontrollable phlegm problems right now. Then we headed straight to Gombak and went back home before maghrib.


After a couple of week not spent with Tok Yang, we went to see her yesterday.. She was getting better from her back and knee pain. I guess the wear and tear is getting to her and i pity her so much. Yet, she is so strong and full of energy...! That's my granny! We headed there for lunch where we brought her to her favourite place, Old Town White Coffee where she had her favourite, strawberry jam toast.. We stayed till evening, had an early dinner and went back.

It was a very tiring weekend but it was all great! Coz time spent with ur loved ones are irreplaceable and meaningful. Especially when ur loved one is this one....:

Who is it????

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