Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Homestay Puchong

Nope! Its not a new homestay opened in Puchong but thats what happened during the 3-day break.. We didn't go anywhere, AT ALL!! Stayed at home and enjoyed company of family members.. But during the whole 3 days at home i was caught suprised by the news i heard on the radio this morning.. Chelsea have fired short served Luiz Felipe Scolari as manager.. It was reported that eventhough he had the support of the BODs and players, owner Roman Abramovic had decided that it was his time to go.. Bye bye!! haha I guess all the losing made Roman edgy and Scolari was simply the best target..

Scolari's exit was said coz of his failure to sign Robinho (who's not THAT gud if u ask me) and the below par performance from the Blues.. I guess its a norm for owner Roman to fire his manager after 6 months of not being on top.. Sore looser!! The next in line to be manager? Dunno.. Maybe they can ask Roman to manage the team with his Football Manager negotiation skills and his Winning Eleven formations..! Trial and error dude, ever heard of that?

I guess now we'll be waiting for Rafa's exit.. Why? Few reasons.. He hasn't signed a contract extension yet.. He's being demanding of things thats not even his jurisdiction.. So, right now lets wait and see whats gonna happen to Rafa.. In the case of underperforming Gunners, i dun think they'll fire Arsene coz of his long great years of triumph and success with the club.. A season of awful performance wun make the BOD or owner to fire him..

Boo hoo.. Nobody wants me

Oh ya.. Since we're on the topic.. Watched MU's game last weekend.. They played West Ham and hammered a slim 1-0 win thanks to a wonderful goal by Giggs. Its been a while since his last goal but he managed to score in every season, even its just one goal.. Cool for an old guy huh??! Scholes did the magis when he long passed the ball to Giggs on the other side of the field.. Giggs did his magic trick his way pass 2 players then placed a wonderful shot into the net.. The scored lasted till the end of the game.. I stayed up for the goal, until the TV watched me for the rest of the game! hahaha 

Back to the topic.. We stayed home not the whole 3 days, we eventually went out for SEVERAL HOURS to get grocerries and stuff for our guests.. Elliz's mom stayed over on Sunday for the nite, my in laws (siblings) came over for lunch on Sunday and Monday.. Oh ya! We went to visit Elliz's Pak Ngah who was just discharged from Hospital Ampang for Paru-Paru Berair (how do u say that in English huh?).. He's due for a check up at IJN this week for further clarification or signs of other illnesses..

I am however very amaze by the fact that we have this (refer to above photo) in Malaysia.. This is a pay toilet where u insert coins/note into the vending thingy (if u can call it that) to enter..I saw this unit in Brickfields near KL Sentral and opposite the last Monorail stop there.. Last place i saw this kinda pay toilet was in Paris few years back.. So proud to be Malaysian.. At least there's something for us to brag that Malaysia is not that left behind, who said so??? Dungu! Open up ya eyes and see all the development we have...! 

I got an sms from Abah last nite, sounds kinda weird.. Along buat apa? Thats all.. Usually his sms wud go like kat mana? or baby sihat? or semua ok? so i text him back.. His not feeling well, so is Ibu.. They got the flu thats going round this time of year.. And he also told me that he's going for a check up this week.. It seems that he has a heart problem.. THAT worries me.. No wonder i felt something when i got his sms.. This is not his 1st time having problem with his heart.. He was admitted for couple of weeks after collapsing in a meeting in Desaru a few years back.. I think i was in secondary 3 that time and we drove all the way from JB to Kota at 11pm..

I really miss them.. wanted to go back last weekend but had to be fair to the other side.. Just went back couple of week ago.. Maybe i'd take that trip this weekend.. Hope that their fine.. Ibu abah, i miss u alot..!

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Lady said...

Ohoooo,,an d not to mention, van de sar still hold d record! yayy!!

ouh i miss my mom pretty much! huhu..nak balik kedah~ nak balik kedah~

Isz, Elliz n Faleeq said...

huhuhu rindunye kat kampung halamanku...