Monday, January 5, 2009

Ledang Beriyani USJ

The host - Ayah Long

Us with Tok Yang (granny)

Saturday, 3.1.09 - Ayah Long had all of us over at Ledang for a get together.. He's flying back to Jakarta the next day and at the same time celebrating the gud news of Mak Long's pregnancy.. Congratulations guys! May u have lots more in the future.. Like we have planned for ourselves. hehe

So many people were there.. Family and closest frens of Ayah Long's.. Its gud to see family getting together and spend little but precious time.. Chit chatted like hell, laughed our lungs out and most of all caught up with whats we missed.. But, had to leave early coz Faleeq is abit under the weather... So, maybe next time guys.. We hang out for karaoke or movies..!


Let me tell u abit bout the place. Ledang Beriyani is located in USJ Subang (pls refer address at the side bar).. Recipes are inherit from my grandfather who used to cook for weddings and kenduri. This is no mamak beriyani which most people used to, its a traditional Johor recipe of real, mouth watering and satisfying beriyani. I guess most people are used to mamak beriyani that makes them confuse what's the dish supposed to taste like.

The children then commercialized the recipe. An uncle served gran dad's nasi beriyani in Sheraton Subang when he was the Exec Chef there, while the other introduced the menu to PNB's BOD and later opened a stall in Plaza Damas which led him owning Ledang. While his other children, merely cook for their children which loved it..! Even Elliz, not a beriyani lover began eating and ended up loving the traditional dish.

I guess the hot dish over in Ledang would be the mutton beriyani gam. All beriyani dishes are served with acar buah and vege dalcha which makes it complete. Dun leave the restaurant without even trying the Johorean Soda Sirap Bandung, its the best...! So, if u ever in the neighbourhood and would like to try the best beriyani ever, come over to Ledang and you wun regret it..

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Aziz Laikar said...

Congrats on this blog. Keep it coming. Great!!!

e | | i n said...

Akum. I stumbled upon ur blog via my fwen's blog i.e. Yatie. Guess u r both an office colleague kan? Nak tanyer.. u pakai anak tudung aper tuh? ARZU ker?

Isz, Elliz n Faleeq said...

yup..! she's wearing arzu...