Wednesday, January 14, 2009


There was a snatch incident at my resident area this morning.. When people are at the mist of getting ready for work, these thieves are already at work browsing for their next victim.. I received a call from Elliz telling me that our neighbour were screaming their lungs out and a motorbike sped off from the crime scene..

It worries me that these moron are now so daring and inhumane.. Why i say that? Yeah.. They not just snatch people off their valuables but they also go to the extend of hurting the people they rob.. Just for the sake of a few bucks...

What do we do?

Pepper spray are now off the shelves, i dunno why but they usually are easily found.

Bring knives everywhere? Silap-silap polis cekut kita, coz bawak senjata

Learn martial arts? Do have time for classes?
Or maybe we can have that hand held alarm thingy? Nope! People even ignore car alarms most of the time

What we can do is just take care of ourselves.

Avoid quiet places, have friends or company always, get ur car keys ready when walking to ur car, ignore calls or psst, get ready to scream and most important of all dun forget where u park ur car..

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