Friday, January 16, 2009

The Great 3-0

Its not a score for MU's game.. but its the age number I'm closing in.. Been blog hopping, colleagues and frens i mean.. Everyone is worry about the great 30.. I'm 29 this year and 30 is coming next year.. Have i achieve everything i wanted.. Its a subjective matter..

By the years, i have gotten things more than i bargain for.. I have these assets to thank and cherish for even before i am 30:

I have a wonderful wife

and we have a cute kid son

I have great friends around me

I have a family that loves me, no matter where i am

  • I have a car (dun own a house... YET!)

  • I have a great job (huh?)

  • The trust given to me, at work and home

What i want for myself, before i turn 35...! (gotta have a target in life):

I want a house of my own (a simple apartment or single storey house wud be nice)

I want more kids (do u syg? hehehe)

  • I want a business of my own.. (things a getting more and more expensive)

  • And most of all i want everybody i love to be happy and for me to live life calm...!

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