Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Back To KL

An agonizing 6 hours drive! Thats what i can sum up about the journey we had to go thru during our trip back to KL yesterday. We took off at around 2pm after lunch and arrived home in BK at 8+.. Traffic was horrible, people were inconsiderable and rude! Luckily the music was great..!

We Malaysian always argue about the way our neighbouring country (yupp! just one country) visitors drive here in Malaysia but we dun see the big picture and realize that we're almost similar to them (see how I say almost!?).. Let me refer to our guests as THEY while the host as US.. Ok!

They dun tailgate and flash their lights at u like hell just for u to the hell outa their way. They just turn on their indicator lights (signal) and wait for us to drive to the side.. We dun throw rubbish outa their vehicle, they keep it in a plastic bag and throw it away on the very 1st sight of a thrash can.. But they do drive very fast coz they can't do so at home.. So dun waste us saliva complaining about THEIR driving and start look at the way we drive instead..!

I was browsing thru radio channels on the hiway when it stopped at this frequency (i can't remember what). So, started enjoying the songs and nice deejay on air when i realized that its Suria FM.. Nice up to date songs and not bad deejays.. Really friendly to my ears! Frankly, i know most of u dunno about Suria FM and so did i until we went to Opie and Zaff's wedding. We dunno them personally but we gotta know them from friends and family.. So, i wanna stick with this channel for a while to decide whether to keep it on my player in my car..!

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