Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Serious dah lama tak update! Ada gak kawan² yg ingat aku mintak aku update blog yg tak seberapa ni... Yes, i miss you guys too..

Faleeq was enjoying the ride in the new car,
Penang Ferry, Nasi Kandaq

We just came back from Alor Setar yesterday for Remmy's (my bro inlaw) engagement. 5 hours of driving made my back hurts like hell.. Alhamdulillah, we managed to stop by Penang for Nasi Kandar and take Faleeq on his 1st trip on the ferry.. He was very excited...!!

We took off from KL at 9.00 am and reached Alor Setar after all those stops at around 6.00 pm.. I was beatup!! We had our bathe and went for dinner when somebody came up with an outragous idea to go bowling...!! huh? Korang tak reti penat ke??

So we went bowling until around 2am, went to bed and woke up the next morning to be ready for the engagement party. After the party, we went back home at around 4.00 pm and arrived in KL around 11.00pm, and yes, i missed MU vs Reds match. But luckily they won! Go MU!!!

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eeqbalz said...


Ah news at last. I thought you were going to do a spoiler piece on that particular Dr. House MD episode? I guess it's better that since I can now read and comment hahaha... tv aku rosak bai... dh 3 minggu bai... please I'm suffering now.... tgh repair nih...

Anyway keep on posting bronk even once in awhile. Mcm EPI gak... bila aku bz and malas, sorry la... EPI transforms to dust collector.

Taking care bronko!